The complete cat care package

I just got back from Busan late last night after a (for some reason) 2 day long journey. After which, I was reunited with my cat. Ebony has been skilfully looked after by… Continue reading

Weekly photo challenge: Begining

Some pictures from last year. Here are my shots of a storm rolling in over Koh Samui around 6 weeks ago. This turned out to be the beginning of a week of storms.… Continue reading

Haeundae Beach Sunrise Festival 2014

The Sunrise festival is a part of the New Year’s celebrations in Busan. I have heard it is a part of a set of celebrations over New Year that start at sunset on… Continue reading

Zoolung Zoolung

Zoolung Zoolung is a cute mini zoo/petting zoo located on the 12th floor of NC Mall in Jangsan (Busan). Hey, that was good; I found directions for a change. Their website is mostly… Continue reading

Yongungsa temple

I have a habit of wondering into places of worship that I do not comprehend. Yongungsa temple is a lovely and historic place, the original temple was destroyed in 1592 but was rebuilt… Continue reading

Busan Aquarium

Since I got to Busan my family has been taking me all over the place, that’s great obviously, but tiring. Between that and chatting online to my husband in the evening I admit… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

I have come from one community into another this week and I have to say, what I was missing the most in Thailand were Christmas lights. Think about it, they only exist to… Continue reading

Best First impression ever

South Korea might be my new favourite country. The day I got here I experienced a level of kindness that has been unparalleled in my adult life and that’s not even an exaggeration.… Continue reading

Christmas in South Korea

This Christmas I will be visiting my dad in South Korea, I am very excited about it because this will be a totally new country for me to see and I have no… Continue reading

My first OOBE went a little like this

I was resting, listening to a guided meditation. this turned out to be largely inconsequential as I couldn’t really hear it and I left my hot bod about 10 minutes in. I heard… Continue reading