Uncredible India

So, before we came to Vietnam, Richard (husband) and I went to India. We did tourist stuff, like get swindled and visit the Taj Mahal (I had tonsillitis when we went and kept having to rest, drink and have my photo taken with locals- I’m not famous or cute but I guess they were on holiday too). I really wanted to like it more than I did, so I hope getting ill and robbed allot coloured my view.

I went in order to attend my friends wedding in Chennai and go to the Holi festival in Delhi the ‘Holi Cow’ party I was dying to go to was cancelled though, so I settled for walking up and down a street for a bit, I did not get to eat ‘special’ Holi cakes and got groped by some people who probably had been eating them. I hope that when I go back to India (and like it, dammit!!) I will have a better time.

I did discover that South Indian food might actually be the best in the world, I had some idea already because at school I found it so difficult to not eat all my Tamil friend’s lunch, luckily she still liked me enough to invite me to her wedding. Also in true English fashion (much easier to go about being English when your not in England) I acquired a statue which I think might have actually been the nicest thing in the country. It’s a super adorable little elephant made of half naked ladies I have never seen anything like it. Just to be clear, I have receipts.