Beach Treats

In Saigon I had been intending to train as an English teacher and get a job like a useful person. Having failed to do this I decided to go to Nha Trang, I don’t remember the logic behind the decision, I think, I was going to train and work there, or maybe I was passing through, I stayed for maybe a month and a half.

I don’t know what Factors influenced my decision, on a totally unrelated note, Nha Trang has a 5km long beach.

Actually thinking about it, I am pretty sure that my plan was to replace the money we had lost in India, before signing up for a TEFL and getting a job in Vietnam. I was going to be self sufficient responsible and pay my way. My lifetime goals do not include becoming a teacher, but they do require money to be saved and re-organised. They pay teachers, as it turns out.

This plan would have worked, if it wasn’t for that meddling gastroenteritis, which caused me to be hospitalised for two days and incur a large hospital bill. The meddling Elephant sculpture did not help either but that was an act of love. love madness.

Anyway, I ended up on 5km of beach with, remarkably little to do. Luckily Nha Trang Beach has a variety of activities for people like me. one can rent a sun lounger for a day for about 50p, buy a book for about £2, get a massage on beach for about £6, get a lobster cooked in front of you for about the same (depends which of the vendors you come across and how much they think you look like a sack of cash) The one in the picture is good, she is not that blurry in real life.

You can buy coconuts, beer/soft drinks, fruit, rice cakes, cake cakes, barbecued meat, some type of noodle, and of course obligatory tourist stuff, like silk paintings and bracelets.

Oh, and if that’s not too tiring there are gardens to explore, a night market, beach combing, swimming-a pool and the sea and all manner of water sports available. Beach restaurants (one has beanbags!) and the two main ones both have beach parties late at night. If that gets boring then there is always town. It’s like a beach, only there is no sand and water.