Less damp fun!

SP_A0057Due to the sky leaking impressively on and off during my last couple of weeks in Nha Trang and my realisation that I had done remarkably little besides lounging in various places (think the hedonism bot, but with more ice cream) I was suddenly keen to discover activities that could be done indoors or during the gaps between rain and storms. So I did that. These are half those things:

In the Indoor corner:
Gyms and salons! Both are good to kill a few hours and make you feel better for not so much money. Making the tough choice between wandering down to the beach vs. getting my nails painted did really being home exactly how much of an oxygen thief I had been feeling in Nha Trang though. If I am trying not to be hard on myself I suppose I did do more than I give myself credit for. I have got really high expectations of myself and I don’t like feeling self absorbed. Maybe I should have helped all the orphans there? or become some sort of world class scientist? I’m angst-ing. I should stop now.

Galleries, Since I actually want to be an artist (not a teacher – there I said it! Sorry children, no unenthusiastic, half-arsed, incompetent teacher for you!) Indoor thing 2 actually makes sense. I went about all the galleries I could find. There are a couple dozen, but I only Found 6, not including the embroidery one which is huge and definitely worth a look. The others are mostly small shop sized ones, dotted about all over the place, many appear to either be owned by the artists themselves, or used as studios by them so as you go in you can see the painters at work. My favourite one is in the backpacker district, but I have lost my notes on the name and artist. The work is beautiful and has something sweet-natured about it, mostly the subjects are either women, sitting for portraits or at work or still life pieces, they are in a kind of impressionist style. Mostly, I like the colours, they are kind of pastelly yet fun and the paintings nearly always have quite allot of a sunshine yellow in them but it can be surprisingly hard to tell, they appear predominantly green or purple or red and the reason for this is the careful saturation and colour patching to give an amazing continuity. Actually I’m kicking myself really freaking hard for not taking a picture so I can just show you.

Beach parties, bars, and stalls, I’m not a big drinker and as I was travelling by myself I did not think it was a good idea to be out partying late a night. however I did go out once or twice, once I got caught in a small flood and got stuck in a bar for 6 hours, both the road and pavement had turned to water. Nha Trang is a different place at night, from about 10pm-12am the night life is pretty good but the creeps and thieves come out. So do more rats and mice than you can count. From about 2am the streets are deserted, except for the ones that squeak, and stay that way until about dawn when the early vendors and morning people get up. It’s possible to get food like pho and rice porridge from the late night food stalls. Rats will be there, but it still tastes good.

The cover photo comes from http://www.citypassguide.com/Destination/Nha-Trang/Shopping/XQ-Hand-Embroidery by the way and is not my property.