Lapu-lapu and lapu-lapu in lapu-lapu

I am presently in an area called Lapu-Lapu, this is named after both a type of fish and a local hero, a man who both repelled Spanish invaders and killed Magellan. Yesterday my day involved all the Lapu-Lapu’s as I was in the area and went to see a monument to the man, before eating the fish. Thankfully my dad took care to specify out order, as:

‘Sometimes, if your not careful, the waiters will bring out some dead hero. This is ANN-OY-ING when all you want is a bit of sweet and sour fish.’

My dad thinks he’s funny, as all dad’s do (for some reason known only to them) he has also spent the last few days saying ‘quickly! Put that on your blog!’ every time he sees something, and of course; ‘now make sure you only write good things about me’, When I point out he will have to do good things his response is ‘I only ever do good things. Can you just say ‘yes dad your right’and stop arguing’.

As I am a good and obliging daughter I will also add that last night, after the fish, dad took us to a casino and I won about 700 peso’s placing outside bets at roulette (I was told that was what I was doing, I had no idea at the time) myself and my sister, who had been loosing some, walked away with 400 giving us 900 with our original money. Dad then consented to give us an extra 100 after some pestering so that we had an even 1000. Yayy for him.

The drive to the casino was very scary, there was a big storm and many of the roads were flooded, other cars were stuck in concealed pot holes or had just given out and we were very worried ours might do the same, it would have been wiser to have stayed at home. Our discomfort however paled in comparison to that of a lady we saw being carried on a chair (by about 6 people standing in a foot of water) to a vehicle. It seems that she was in labor and my step-mom and step-sister were both very excited and proud that she was being helped so valiantly by her fellow Filipina’s. Arlene said that although there was allot of poverty in the Philippines, and it was prone to many natural disasters people still helped each other and even the taxi driver that this woman was probably being taken to right then would probably contribute some money to her medical expenses as well as some aid. Which is really lovely. I don’t think I would have been pleased to go into labor in the middle of a tropical storm though, so I hope she was okay.

If anyone is wondering why I have such a formal writing style at the moment it is because I have been reading the Secret Garden, Emma and am now on Jane Eyre and I think the language may be rubbing off a little.