The Nha Trang Sea Festival

Although I was the biggest event going on in Nha Trang while I was there I have been a little reluctant to write about the sea festival. The festival is basically a huge collection of acts activities and competitions that, I will be perfectly honest, I was not totally following. Don’t get me wrong it was awesome, lots of lights, food, music and hubbub. Apparently It had some pretty well known acts. It draws a massive crowd, easily the biggest crowd I have ever been in. It even had fireworks.

Although I knew the festival was coming and had looked into it, I even have just now, I freely admit that I don’t exactly understand it. I thought it took place once every two years but now I am not even sure about that. I am pretty sure bloggers are meant to know these things, so I will just focus on what I saw. Officially it is a huge celebration of the sea, its purpose is to encourage sea related tourism and generally focus on the sea’s bounty.

I had fun watching the show get set up, all the stages and seating and watching the dancers practice. My favorite part was seeing about five guys stringing hundreds of tiny mirrors onto some metal palm trees in the midday sun. That was pretty dedicated. The trees looked really good in the end, so I would like to give a special round of applause to them. Oh, the random guy yelling amusing motivational insults at the dancers was mildly entertaining too, but quite a large part of me wanted to make him dance for hours and see how he did. I’m evil like that.

I kind of thought the dancers practicing on the blocked off roads was the whole thing for a while, until someone told me different. Quite a few people had been watching them but I had been a smidgen disappointed.

When It finally had started I drifted down to have a look. I drift when I am only a bit curious. When I got there I attempted to make my way to the stage, through crowds, for perhaps half a kilometer. This was made both faster and more frustrating by the fact people, even nice ones, would give me a little shove if I stopped or slowed for any reason. Say, being behind some other people who had stopped, or perhaps I had been momentarily unwilling to elbow a child in the face, whatever. There were lots of food stalls there and I had plenty to look at.

I eventually got bored of standing in a throng of people and motorbikes, looking at pretty lights and smoke from a distance, and I made my way back to a nearby ice-cream place (It is behind the giant wooden embroidery gallery if anyone ever tries to seek it out). This was fortunate, as not only did they have more of my favorite Mozart flavor Ice cream in stock but while I was eating it some fireworks started and I got to watch them over some shortish trees.

After that I was mostly satisfied that I had experienced some festival and only occasionally ventured down to amble cluelessly about. When It closed I watched it getting taken down. It took a little while for my favorite blended coffee shop and the night market to open up again. This was okay though because I experienced an adventure, with shoving.