We all live in a…

Yellow Submarine! it goes underwater like *meep meep meep meep meep*

Yea, that’s pretty much the gist of the whole thing, we saw come pretty fan corals, starfish and fish. There is only one submarine in the Philippines, It is yellow. It was made in Thailand and is owned by Koreans.

We had a safety briefing before we went on. It was: Life jackets work like the ones on the plane (No mention of how to get out or if it is anything like a good idea) and If the air gets bad put these masks on (no mention of where they can be found).

I have been on an x-naval submarine before, but it was docked. This one was much smaller and not nuclear. I think it was much nicer on the yellow one. We went down to about 40 feet at one point. It was kind of fun how the colours changed as the water filtered out the red light.

Oh and guess what song was playing when we got on?

Here are some pretty pictures.