Thailand Arrival

With all the fussing I was doing about getting to Thailand, I have completely neglected to mention that I was coming here.

Although my original plan was to go back to Vietnam after visiting my dad in the Philippines I have decided to apply for an ED visa here (in Koh Samui) to study Thai and also do some art while living cheaply and saving up some money (I have given up on the idea of teaching, it’s not really what I want to do with my life so I will do something I really want to do instead).

I had a nice few flights, especially the last one, which was Bangkok airlines. It is a new airline for me and I think that is now one of my favorites, along with Thai airways and Singapore airlines. I really want to fly with one of the Korean Airlines, I’m not sure which one, the reason is that I think the stewardesses on that have the best outfits of any airline. Like a mint ice-cream green skirt and jacket with a little ribbon clip in their hair.

I don’t know if it has to do more with tiredness, oxygen deprivation or dehydration (I do try to drink plenty on airlines but sometimes I fail) but I have realised that I actually get kind of trippy while flying.

The first time this happened I was very thirsty and had a headache on a longhaul flight, when I shut my eyes and people walked past me I could see a sparkly golden light where they were standing.

The next time I saw an actual mirage. I saw kind of a Camelot like landscape, with white buildings and green land. I spent about 20 minutes trying to work out what country it could possibly be before I worked out it was a cloud.

This time I’m not sure I was hallucinating, perhaps the sun was just in a really good place. I saw some beams of light coming from the ocean, kind of like when you see beams of light coming out of a cloud in front of the sun. When the planes shadow (which was at the center) flew over a cloud it was surrounded by a really pretty circular double rainbow.

Like I say, I think that actually happened but I was definitely not in my right mind. All through the flight I had Simpsons quotes going through my head. like ‘I’m a unitard’- Ralph, ‘I’m a level five vegan, I don’t eat anything that casts a shadow’- dreamy hippy boy

I also spent about 10 minutes contemplating my breakfast muffin (it was carrot and raisin flavor, which is weird right?) ‘I had impure thoughts about the lady on the raisin box’- Ned Flanders, before launching into a reverie on carrots, and how awesome they were. Do you know they were not originally orange? They had to be grown like that. And have you ever been anywhere where there weren’t any carrots? No. They are everywhere. ‘If you need money laundering, leave it outside your door, it will be ready for you in the morning’ – Fat tony.

After that I noticed that the stewardesses had pretty handkerchiefs in their hair, but they were done differently. One lady had a bow shaped one and another lady had one shaped like a rose. I was so unbelievably impressed by that. For ages.

Because It was a short flight, that was about all that happened. There were lots of cute kids on board and they got very excited when they plane was landing. When we had landed the lady next to me gave her daughter a kit-kat stick but it was melting. When the mother pointed this out the girl said *super sad voice* ‘No, don’t melt’ to the chocolate. It was so flipping cute. SAM_0904

I then got left at the airport for two and a half hours and grew quite irate before finally being taken to my little..I guess villa? I was a bit happy because my room looks out onto the pool. Then I was very sad because this place only has Wi-Fi in certain places and I felt all isolated. I went on a little walk and there is not so much in my immediate area, though I did get a fair lunch for under £2. Then I was ridiculously happy because the pool is one of those places with Wi-fi, Really good Wi-fi, as a result so is my room. Now I can Skype and whatnot. Lookie, the pool has some frisky dolphins in it. This amused me as I am immature.

I also spotted that at the back of my villa/shack/cabin thing, there are some tiny wild fruits that I used to eat when I lived in Brunei as a kid. I think they are some type of passion fruit. I finally hunted down a the flowers and took a picture (see cover photo), they are quite large, bigger than the fruit, and very pretty in a classical passion-fruity way. Apparently they also only bloom in the mornings, which explains why it took me so long to spot one. I ate that fruit after I took the picture, I was happy.