Bophut Fisherman’s village

Bophut fisherman’s Village is located on the north of Koh Samui. It is easy to spot because it has a large sign across the main road/entrance that reads ‘Fisherman’s Village’, these little hints help a great deal.

I got there by deciding it would be a good idea to walk along the road in the general direction I thought the village was in until I could attract the attention of a motorbike taxi (the best kind). I recon I walked about 5 Kilometers in the heat before I found one. I actually had the number of a car taxi but elected not to ring them, because, I forget my logic. On the upside, I spotted a nifty art cafe.

When I got there (it turned out I had been going in the right direction) I amused myself by having a brief look around and stumbling into the nearest busy looking place. Though I had been quite committed to ambling aimlessly around, a few seconds in I remembered I was very thirsty and my brain was demanding a scoop of rum and raisin ice-cream. Does anyone else Argue with them-self, so one mini-me (internal monologue) demands something childish loudly while the rest of me is like: ‘good lord brain, you just ate. Also, no, you may not lick that bald mans head. Sweet potatoes! I cant take you anywhere’? That’s like…the story of my life.

Anyway, after my ice-cream, I got down to some serious vague wandering. This is a nice place for some serious vacant-floating-about because the street is meant to be for walking. In actuality there are plenty of cars, motorbikes, pedestrians and dogs to avoid, but they don’t go to fast. There are plenty of clothes shops, souvenir shops (some with cool things like quilts for sale- the quilts have elephants on them – that makes them cool. yep). There are also lots of restaurants and cafes and some salons/massage places, because it’s Thailand, and if you go to Thailand and don’t get a Thai massage your on crazy pills. Mind you, if you are delicate, injured or you have a sensitive spine then maybe don’t bother. They fold you good.

I bought some blue puffy-pajama-pants, then got a massage (no crazy pills for me). Then I changed into my MC hammer trousers – I had arrived wearing jeans so this was essential. I wandered about more and took pictures. I did some general shopping for breakfast and so on. After that I had dinner. At some point during the meal, which was on the beach, I became very damp from rain. I left and abandoned my shopping under a table, lets pretend that it offended me in some way, and I’m not actually a giant airhead.

I tried to get a taxi home and headed to a row of taxis at the entrance, thinking that that might be some sort of indication that there were taxis around. This was not true. Apparently Thai drivers like to park taxis in confusing places and then abandon them. I imagine that they then hide in bushes and giggle at confused tourists.

I reverted to my original strategy of walking in the general direction of home (only about 7km away). A man in a restaurant jumped up and asked me if I needed a taxi. He abandoned his food, which I assume offended him in some way, and we sped away at a sensible pace.

When I got home I was very hot, so I decided to go for a swim in the pool. It was dark by then but the pool is well lit. At some point I noticed my neighbor (who appears to be a guy by himself) was watching me swim, kind of peeping between his curtains. I started to get a bit freaked out out and went inside to shower. Now, when I got my massage the lady who did it walked over my back and legs, I had been concerned that a spot back of my thigh would bruise. When I checked I saw my whole upper leg was bright blue and I nearly had a heart attack. Luckily the other leg was also blue and all that had happened was that the dye from my new trousers had leached into my skin.

This also explained why my neighbor was staring at me. This is actually not the fist time I have accidentally turned myself blue. I am starting to worry that I have some kind of smurf fixation. Oh well, these things happen.