Bophut Fisherman’s Village: The epic market edition!

Bophut Fisherman’s Village: The market edition! *epic swooshing noises*

Like a true explorer I emerged from my room, bleary-eyed after a little nap. ‘What-Ho!’, I said (I talk like that when no one is around) ‘What a chipper day for an ADVENTURE!’

I pulled on my flip-flops, their supple plastic moulded to my feet from months of use.‘So many places to explore and so little inclination, but I know! There is only one place for me today. The finest place in all the land, I assume. The only place on this island I have been besides…The supermarket!’

With that I was away, there was nothing to stop me. The gods were good, they sent me a motorbike taxi right away and in the blink of an eye I was there, Bophut Fisherman’s Village.

Bravely, I ambled through the streets. My resolute meandering drawing gasps and consternation wherever I went. Was I to go left? Or right? I could not know, I steadfastly resolved to do each, in turn, at moderate pace –eventually!

I saw many things, but I was too early to achieve my main objective, I resolved to lie in wait for my target, keenly scouring the area from a concealed café, having a little snack.

Eventually, my moment came. It was later now, not ‘just then’ as it previously had been. Just then, I struck! Not knowing where I was striking. I realised I had jumped the gun a bit and resumed my search.

I saw a dog, but that was not my target. I saw an angry man aggressively mix up some magnets at a confused vendor but he was not the focus of my wrath. No, my mission today was a test of my manliness, the ultimate showdown of me, versus…stuff!

I seeked, I saught, I even sook, and then, I found it.

The Bug Cart.

I looked into the eyes of a thousand toasted grasshoppers, and they looked back, like ‘What? What? You want some of this! Bring it!’ (Just kidding, they were lightly fried or something). I looked at some grub looking things. Then I stared down some freaky giant cockroach looking watsits.

Whilst I was readying myself to attack, BRAVELY (you understand). Some little girls came up and ordered a few bags of grasshoppers, with, I don’t know, icing sugar on them or something.

With that I realised I had failed; I had intended to protect the world from this high protein menace.
Ashamed I understood that my only option was to withdraw, for the whole week. Or…you know, maybe a bit longer.

Then I had some candyfloss and took pictures.

And that my friends is why I do not write adventure stories.