Hanoi travel tip – how to cross the road!

As I have neglected to mention the practicalities of crossing the road in Vietnam, Here is a person who has done it very well.

Buffalo Tours Travel Blog

Hanoi’s manic roads are almost as famous as its street food and French architecture. In this “how to guide” blog post, we will be looking at how best to tackle the city’s traffic, or simply how to cross the road in Hanoi!

“Come on, you can’t be serious!” I hear you say – “You cannot be about to spend the next few minutes explaining how to cross the road?” I will be, and I will be enjoying it. There is no art form quite like road crossing here. Like a mechanical version of dodge ball, crossing the road in Hanoi and Vietnam in general, is an experience like no other. This is where you quite literally come face to face with more sections of society than any other, and once you have got the hang of it you will revel in your new found ability to nervelessly step in front…

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