Heading to Cambodia

Today I finally got my paperwork! Oh joy of joys, the wonder of bureaucracy. I am genuinely thrilled. Maybe office officials only make people wait a really long time for paperwork so that they can be super happy when they finally get it.

I was waiting for my forms to let me apply for some forms to let me stay in Thailand for one year on an ED visa (for the purpose for studying Thai). I don’t know any languages besides English, so that’s a good thing for me.

Now my forms and I are going to Cambodia. I need to leave the country in order to be allowed back into the country. The downside of this is that it is confusing and seems unnecessary but the upside is that I get to go to Cambodia.

I have read a couple of books about the modern history of Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. The things that happened to the Cambodian people at that time were indescribably horrible and that’s no exaggeration. The exact numbers are not known but it is estimated that the Khmer Rouge managed to kill around 20% of the population, its own people, in the space of four years.

Hopefully I can write about this in more depth later on. It would be good to share a little bit of Cambodia’s history as quite frankly I had no idea about it until this year and I’m sure I am not the only one.

Until quite recently Cambodia barely appeared on my radar. I am quite familiar with much of Asia in the same way Europeans have an idea about other countries in Europe (my knowledge of Europe has quite a few holes in it) but I had never been there or known anyone from there.

Recently, when I had begun to travel as an adult I started to look for places that I could explore; specifically places I had not been to before. As I have never been to Cambodia (pretty darn sure I haven’t) and it is also in Asia it suddenly became very interesting to me. Luckily it was also on the list of places suitable for a visa run from Thailand.

My interest in it is not purely for the sake of paperwork (though who doesn’t love that?). Not long ago I also realised that Angkor Wat existed. I had seen pictures of it before but it kind of floated in my mind like some sort of imaginary pixie-land. When I realised that there really was a place with life sized stone elephants on the walls, with whole tree’s growing out of it I was kind of delirious. Picture those kids from (the first and best) Charlie and the chocolate factory in the edible garden. I’m going to go there and eat it…I mean explore it. Squee!

I have a whole month there to see things, do things and eat things. Hopefully my husband will also turn up as apparently his work/crèche facility is returning him early. Horray!

He should also be sending me some pictures soon I can do a ‘husband post’ of some kind and show you what he has been up to.

Cover Photo is from: http://www.orchiddmc.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Cambodia-Tour-Operator-20.jpg