Been there, flew the plane

I have mentioned before that when I started travelling by myself I set out to find places I had not been to before to see as an adult. I did not want my life to just be about revisiting places I had been before as a kid. I wanted to see new things and meet new people. The first place I went to without my parents was Portugal.

My husband and I went there for our honeymoon, as we had no money we decided to go and volunteer through a website called workaway. We got accepted by a place that is in the progress of becoming a specialist holiday spot for children with disabilities. It is also classed as a mini-zoo. I will write about that another time.

I was feeling very pleased with myself for striking out on my own until my mother told me: not only had I been there before as an infant. I also flew the plane. No joke.

Back in the days when you could still talk to the pilots, my dad got the idea to use me as a free pass to the cockpit. I imagine that he just walked in brandishing me as an adorable baby weapon and said something along the lines of, ‘Oh look pilots, here is my cute daughter, can I have a go flying?’ I think I vaguely remember being confused by the whole thing. I’m pretty sure I was crying at one point.

My mom remembers there being a jolt of turbulence and a little while later my dad turned up, like, ‘Hey, did you feel that? That was me!’ She was not impressed. I don’t think I was either.