Kitty Amazing

At the start of this month I returned to Thailand and got a place in the Bophut area, I am now the proud-liver-inner of a cute blue house. However, because I neglected to budget for a rental deposit I have had to make the decision not to get the internet this month. My post’s are going to be a bit sporadic for a while (as they have been for a while) while I try and work out the most efficient way to use the internet I mooch out of the local café’s.

If you are wondering how my decision making process went it was like this:

Me: I can afford a kitten or an internet this month… KITTY!

I am hopefully going to get myself a rescue kitten. My landlady says I can’t have a dog. We have done all the kitty care checks, E.g. food, insurance, kitty items and environment. We have also made sure we can transport it back to the UK when we go back.

The Koh Samui animal rescue centre, dog and cat rescue Samui foundation, is probably one of the most outstanding operations on this Island. It offers free health care and operations, such as de-sexing, to the islands pets and strays.

Its biggest achievement to date is that it basically eradicated rabies from the island by vaccinating the island’s strays (though rabies is still a problem in other parts if Thailand).

Barring unforeseen circumstances/considerations I should have some cute kitten photographs to put up soon.

By the way: Travel Volunteers may wish to know that the Centre does have a volunteering policy and seems to actively try and attract animal lovers willing to help out. If you are looking to volunteer in Koh Samui they are a place to consider.

Keen charitable types probably don’t need telling, but they also do like to receive donations. So if you’re a cat or dog lover perhaps it’s worth checking them out at:

Ps. The cover photo I used is from their website too.