Angkor Wat Photographs: Part 1

Now that my internet drought has ended I can sort through my post backlog. It’s pretty hard to justify spending hours in a café to steal their interweb, so I had been using the chances I got mainly to stay in touch with people – and not very well. Anyway, who cares, I brought pretty pictures to show you:

Since Angkor Wat is massive this is going to take two posts, even without Ta prohm hogging all my attention.

This post features Angkor Wat itself (in the most impressive sunrise you’ll ever see…not in the rain instead, as it may appear).

Baphuon, complete with 70 metre long reclining Buddha and the type of staircase you climb up on your hands and feet (before requiring someone with tranquilizers and a harness to get you down again).

And Bayon, one of the ‘must see’ temples according to everyone and everything I consulted (its actually pretty hard not to see it, as it’s centrally located and huge).