Angkor Wat photographs: part 2

This part features the following temples:

Banteay Srei- Orange with water and stone monkey-looking-statues.

Pre Rup- Orange also and on the way to Banteay Srei, this one has particularly interesting vendors…be careful not to get ripped off.

Preah Khan- pretty, grey and crumbly with trees and roots.

East Mebon- with the big elephants.

Ta Som- Similar to above,

At least I think so…They can be quite hard to keep track of for huge, un-moving, stone structures. I should add that there are a great many more temples to see than the ones I went to. I saw many of the most common ones that can be easily visited on various tours but it just ended up being easier to see them like that.

I hear that a bicycle is a particularly good way to explore the site but there are any number of more exciting methods including elephant and hot air balloon.

Traveler tip one: make sure you have cash (US dollars) to get your tickets. There is no card reader at the ticket booth, you don’t wanna be driving around for half an hour at 4 am only to discover that the bank had decided to block the debit card and that there would be no trip today at any rate. yeah, that happened to us.

Tip two: Don’t pay more than $5 for any hawker item at the temples. No matter how much you like it there will be someone selling a nicer one, probably cheaper somewhere else. If not, you know where they are.