Cat Karma

Anyone browsing my ‘about me’ page will probably notice that I have expressed my desire for a puppy and my mistrust of cats. In spite of this I have adopted a cat because…well they are still pretty cute, also psychotic, but cute.


I had quite a few cats when I was younger (not all at the same time) and they were generally variants of the ‘kill anything that moves’ variety. Mostly they were okay to humans, but not things small enough that they could plausibly eat or at least maim. I never had a cuddly cat but some of my friends did so I knew that they were a thing.

This cat is pretty great though, she’s like…fluffyish and kind of meaowy. She likes cat food…and uh, purring, standard cat stuff. She hardly maims me at all and I think it might genuinely be accidental when she does it.

Where she excels is in lethargy and cuddliness. She actually comes up to be cuddled (without using it as an excuse to eat your hair) and if she is in the wrong position you can just roll her over or turn her around, or manoeuvre her limbs or fold her and she’s totally fine with it. She’s like, ‘meh, I’m here now, whatever’.


Yep, good cat. Her name is Ebony by the way, because she’s black and we are very creative… she has yellow eyes too, so she is a classic and also out-of-fashion witch’s cat. Not one of those flouncy-fluff-ball varieties, just in time for Halloween.


As an unforeseen downside to getting a cat, I was today faced with ‘bad puppy karma’ a phenomenon many people are familiar with. I woke up today to find that my husband and I were missing our right shoes (we leave them outside).

It seems that some of the stray puppies that live around here thought that they would make excellent chew toys. I found my shoe about a meter from the door, it was dirty, and frightened but otherwise unscathed. Richard’s shoe was not so lucky, I found him hiding under the neighbour’s house, which is on stilts, and had to ‘break-under’ the building to retrieve it. His cloth strap was somewhat mangled.

Obviously, my choice to get a cat has angered the puppy gods and they have sent their minions to express their displeasure. Anyone who knows dogs knows that puppies love shoes and any precious belonging it can fit between its milk teeth.

Until I know if the puppy onslaught will continue I will make an effort not to leave things I am attached to outside overnight, such as my teddy bear and husband. Hopefully it’ll all pan out.

As promised, the pictures of my new cat from the dog and cat rescue Samui. Information about this centre available at: