Halloween Wibbles

Gotta love Halloween, it’s the day when we honour the dead by dressing up like them in mockery and watching movies where they kill people. It has scary things, costumes, and candy that’s three whole things. It even has scary candy.

I don’t have a TV, an oven or and decorations or costumes, seeing as how I just got this place last month. What I do have is two pumpkins, a black cat, a laptop and the will to enjoy Halloween. Whoop.

Halloween Itinerary:

Breakfast: French toast with a scary face drawn on it in ketchup-I mean blood.

Thai language lesson

Lunch: a stir-fry, which had tofu in it and was therefore terrifying. Also I bought cinnamon and cumin.

Went home and spilled the innards of a pumpkin. Made its skin into a lamp, husband did the same.

I made a stew from pumpkin flesh as well as mushroom and beef. Cumin was added for extra soul.

Ventured out to find something seasonal to do:
Found a lady smearing blood over some windows, saw nothing else until we came to a bar full of the undead. Called the Cash bar (in Bophut fisherman’s village). It also contained a small witch and Alice (of wonderland fame). Was pleased that it shared my love of both Halloween and Johnny Cash. Drank a martini, but felt out of place among the dead, as I was still human.

Dinner: Stew of the pumpkin.

Watched ‘hocus pocus’, was reminded how scary Sarah Jessica Parker can be.

Pudding: Chocolate Popsicle, which I got on my nose.

Watched Pan’s labyrinth for the first time, It was exactly what I thought it would be. Don’t know why I listened to the person who said, ‘Don’t watch Pan’s labyrinth, it’s not how you think it is’. Luckily I don’t remember who said that, so I can’t be mad at them.

Patted the cat.

Watched an Al Jazeera interview with Jose Mujica, have decided that I love him almost as much as I loved Chavez. I don’t know why the west accepts it deserves terrible leaders and is so ready to hate leaders of other countries because the news says so.

Went to bed. I dreamt that I killed a man who murdered three women. Then I dug up a Barbie hat on a beach followed by 1100 gold coins and a deed to a house. I think this is a good omen.

Today Husband will be attempting to make me a pumpkin pie in a wok from the remaining pumpkin innards. Will let you know how that goes.