Weekly photo challenge: Eerie

I have been wondering for a while about what to do with these shots. I took a whole bunch one night in the Masham cemetery (Masham, North Yorkshire, where my husband is from) because I had never taken a picture of an orb, despite presumably having photographed dust before, and I wanted to see if it was possible to just go to a creepy place and do that like on TV. Turns out it is.

I caught quite a few flying bugs too, but they looked like bright specks or orange lines. I also tried to stay away from lights that could cause orb shapes to appear, though I did do that too for comparison and those orbs only appear along diagonal lines from the light source.

Anyway, itโ€™s an interesting photo-shoot for anyone not too frightened by the eerie setting. Check out how some of them look like they are moving *shudder*. Also, the thing about Masham is that it is an old, small town with quite a few ghost stories. Some years ago they even found a Saxon cemetery under the town and chunks of it had to be dug up so they could re-bury all the bones somewhere else.