Weekly photo Challenge: Unexpected

Been a while since my last post. Please accept this post as a token of my [insert required emotion here]. These are a collection of things that Unexpectedly made me happy, frightened, confused or just stop for a while and scratch my head.

Its a shame I never took a photograph at my friends dorm. I was over there for a party some time ago and, whilst quite inebriated spotted some tiny white men standing on a light switch. I honestly thought I was hallucinating for a while and I had to check that they were really there. Turned out they were and that she had put them there to ‘trip-out’the cleaners. Oh well, that’s part of my entry in spirit.

004 (2) Unexpected sea presents.

397 (2) Unexpected cut of meat.

20130822_144848 (2) Unexpectedly cute lunch.

SAM_1139 Unexpectedly Ambitious.

Bophut market 040 (2) Unexpectedly sinister children’s coin ride.

SAM_1025 (2) Unexpected house guest.SAM_0290 (2) Technically I did this, but I did not expect to. I was on CCTV after all and one does try to look normal for the faceless watchers of our lives.