A different sort of Travel

So for years I have put a fair amount of effort into learning how to astral project. I would have thought it would have been easy for me since most, if not all, of my dreams are lucid to varying degrees. I haven’t had a nightmare I couldn’t change at will into something more favourable for over a decade. Unless it is bad, my dreams tend to be so interesting that I rarely change anything. If they are very interesting but I am woken before I am done with my dream I can often go back to sleep and pick up where I left off.

My dream recall is really good and I can remember them over a number of years, my earliest that I can recall happened when I was 6 and living in Malawi. It was the first one I can remember feeling pain in (I found a locust and it bit me on the finger). Some of my dreams have been amazing so maybe I will write about them sometime.

I would say my interest in OBE’s started when I first heard about them at about 15 and I have read and applied (as far as I could) bucket loads on the subject. Nothing ever really came of it though and that made me sad. I did learn a few things though. Chiefly among them was that I had experienced a particularly irritating type of OBE before (though it was perfectly clear and impossible for me to distinguish it from waking).

I am about 15 and it is 6:30 am on a school day. The following takes place:

Mom calls me, ‘Wake up and get dressed or we are going to be late’, and I wake up. I don’t like to be woken up. It is the most baddest (‘most baddest’ is Engrish) part of my day. So I have a little stretch and a frown and go to the wardrobe where I sigh and pull out my school blouse and skirt. Then I look for my string tie, which is on the door behind some junk. I then get dressed, which is boring in the mornings when I’m all groggy, even if you do it as haphazardly as I do. I am about to head downstairs, when…

Mom calls me, ‘Wake up and get dressed or we are going to be late’, and I wake up. I realise that I just dreamt about getting dressed and think how weird that is. Steeling myself for a repeat of my boring routine I go to the cupboard and get dressed. Luckily this time I know where my tie is so it doesn’t take as long.

Mom calls me, ‘Wake up and get dressed or we are going to be late’, and I wake up. I wake up annoyed. I already got dressed twice this morning, son of a bleep and I don’t want to do it again. But I still have to go to school. Mom is not going to let annoying dreams count as a sick day. So I go to the cupboard, pull my junk on unceremoniously and then.

Mom calls me, ‘Wake up and get dressed or we are going to be late’, and I wake up. I have had enough of this now. I don’t even like clothes; can’t I go to school on my pyjamas? I look at the cupboard like I expect it to feel shame and then go downstairs immediately and tell my mommy on it. I still have to get dressed but at least now I have a story out of it.

This is known as a False Awakening, I don’t know if it usually happens on repeat but it can happen randomly. Alternately it is possible that people think that they have not projected, or that they finished projecting then get up and walk around like usual just to realise they can’t pick anything up, or they fall through wall, Something like that.

Yesterday, I had my first conscious OBE/AP or possibly just the best lucid dream I have ever had. My experience is plenty limited on the topic but I have a theory. I shall write about the experience on the morrow. It was spiffing. I did lots of things.

Image is the work of Josh Kirby. I found it on my PC. look him up though.