My first OOBE went a little like this

I was resting, listening to a guided meditation. this turned out to be largely inconsequential as I couldn’t really hear it and I left my hot bod about 10 minutes in.

I heard the recording saying ‘down, down, down’ at one point when I was in a white tube, something like a slide at a water-park. I had on a little Evangelion style white suit. So I slid down it. In my dreams rushing movement like this usually helps me to become much more Lucid, but not generally this lucid.

When I was aware I was not dreaming…not ‘dreaming dreaming’ I stopped and got out of the tube. I was in a tunnel, one for cars, and I climbed into a taxi.

At this point I have three questions:

1. Where am I going? In this scenario I was still aware I was in a guided meditation and I was looking for a crystal cave. I try and play along with guided meditations so I didn’t really question it. I could hear the woman’s voice throughout the OBE but I couldn’t make out what she was saying.
2. Where am I? It looked like China or Japan or something but the people did not look like they were from there. They were a pretty mixed bunch.
3. What the hell? Not really a question. But I was wearing a little purple and black dress that I own, even though I was resting in my work out clothes. People say that you appear in what you are wearing at the time so I was a little annoyed.

When I got out of the taxi I was very happy because I could feel my footsteps as I touched the ground. This has never happened in a dream. I was amused, but aware that walking was unnecessary I tried floating like a Sim ghost. This amused me more, so I had a little fly, not far, and then resumed my quest.

The next part of the dream thing was boring. There were queues and I stood in them trying to get to the cave. Then I gave up on that and did my own thing.

I started to look for someone to heal my eyes. At present I am practicing the Bates method and I wanted to see if this would help. Two blonde ladies turned up and for some reason gave me two opal rings and another item of jewellery I do not remember. I did not like the other thing but I put one of the rings on and the other in my pocket, to see if I could keep it somehow. I’m scientific like that.

At this point the OOBE was starting to degrade a little in terms of Lucidity. There was a beach near the women and I wanted to try swimming. I put my head under and began breathing under water (like normal in my dreams) unusually though, my mouth filled with the taste of sea water and I was happy because I read that some people do not taste things in AP’s. Then I had another little fly.

After that I went to a shack with the women and we met the healer there. We exchanged small talk and then I woke up. Well. Not woke up. Fell into an actual dream.

I was not paying much attention to the second dream but at one point I put my hand into my pocket and pulled out the gold opal ring.

Later, just to see if it meant anything I searched for the symbolism of opals, the first link I clicked said:

“Among the ancients, opal was a symbol of fidelity and assurance, and in later history it became associated with religious emotional prayer. It was believed to have a strong therapeutic value for diseases of the eye, and when worn as an amulet, it would make the wearer immune from disease as well as increase the powers of the eyes and the mind. Furthermore, many believed that to the extent the colors of red and green were seen, the wearer would also enjoy the therapeutic powers of those stones: the power to stop bleeding from the ruby or the power to cure diseases from the emerald”. –

I was very impressed. I did not think opals had anything to do with eyes at all so that was a surprise.

I’m not totally sure whether that was an Astral projection/OOBE or a particularly lucid dream. I suppose it depends on whether I was awake when it happened or in a dream to start with but thinking about it I’m not even sure about that. I was conscious but I don’t know in which state, I had my eyes closed after all. I’m tending towards thinking it was a lucid dream. Some people say that they are the same but I don’t think so. The experience was similar to the ‘false awakening’ scenario in terms of how it felt to move (like real) but the false awakening happened in a close copy of this world, not an alternative one. Hopefully this experience will be the first of many and I will be certain at some point.

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