Christmas in South Korea

This Christmas I will be visiting my dad in South Korea, I am very excited about it because this will be a totally new country for me to see and I have no idea what it is going to be like.

All I know so far is that it will be winter there when I go. The winter in Busan, where I am going, is supposed to be pretty mild. That said, in the space of ten months travelling, I managed to totally forget that there is such a thing as winter and have only just remembered about it. I have no idea how to prepare anymore. At this point the only shoes I own are flip-flops and trainers so I’m going to start by getting a new pair of shoes. Perhaps by gamboling for them as I understand that is the established route.

So, yea, I’m sure it’ll be great. The only problem I might have is getting there. There is a slight chance that I have not left enough time to get a couple my re-entry form, and visa extension together and that I will not, in fact, get to go. This will be embarrassing, and I might have a little cry. This remains to be seen but I’m guessing it’ll all be fine. Hopefully.

I was much more worried about finding someone to look after my cat but after many attempts to find someone, I finally did the most logical thing and just asked my neighbors of they knew anyone who could help. They will watch her some of the time and a friends of theirs, including an 8 year old girl will watch her for the rest of the time. Since they are also away over Christmas.

I think I had my priorities straight, so I don’t feel so bad about my foolishness. Cat first, people later, right?

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