Busan Aquarium

Since I got to Busan my family has been taking me all over the place, that’s great obviously, but tiring. Between that and chatting online to my husband in the evening I admit that I have been using all my spare time to sleep. That and read an entire book that someone left next to my bed.

That book was ‘Perfect’ by Judeth McNaught. I don’t generally read romances or murder mysteries but this was pretty okay for a murder mystery romance. I liked that it was dedicated to the Illiterate women in America and the teachers in the ‘Literacy, pass it on’ program. Apparently 20% of women in America are illiterate, which is staggering. I’m willing to believe allot of the shocking statistics I hear about America but that one just seems…It’s too much for me I think.

I also watched ‘Precious’ recently too, the girl in that is an illiterate victim of parental rape. The end of movie made me angry. I know that her getting a semi-normal life at the end is a good thing, but I just get pissed off at the thought that she was not given any higher ambitions in the movie (I’m guessing the book does). Is being a low income single mother all the joy deemed necessary for someone from her background? Is total unbridled success and happiness just a pipe-dream for her? I know it’s a pipe-dream for most people but that doesn’t make it impossible or even difficult. There is no reason she does not deserve it.

Honestly, I Have so much respect for people who learn to read as adults and for the people who teach them. Perhaps in the future I can beneficial like that.

Sorry. The aquarium. It has fish! Ooh, look at the pretty fishies. It’s a nice place, I promise, It had a number of critters that I had never seen before.

South korea 091 These are pink African clawed frogs. They aren’t dead, they just look like that.

South korea 097 This is a hermit crab with an ascot hat on.

South korea 110 This is an upside down jelly fish (Actually it’s name).

South korea 127 This is a blue gummy jelly fish (not it’s name but I like that better)

South korea 177 This is an adorably photogenic sea robin.

South korea 100 The famous weedy sea dragon. Busan Aquarium was the first in Asia to successfully breed these in captivity. Good for them.