Haeundae Beach Sunrise Festival 2014

The Sunrise festival is a part of the New Year’s celebrations in Busan. I have heard it is a part of a set of celebrations over New Year that start at sunset on the previous day (31st) where people watch the sun go down and say goodbye to the previous year, followed by the standard nightly celebrations where midnight is appreciated.

The festival starts at about 6 am and takes place in a few tourist locations around Busan, the one closest to me is Haeundae Beach. This year they had stages up and people singing, bells ringing and drums. They also had bells, balloons and written wishes for the New Year. They also had a polar bear (nutbars who go swimming in the sea winter) swimming competition.

Now, TECH-NIC-LY, I only head about this after midnight on the night before. So TECH-NIC-LY, I did not officially go to the party. BUT, overall, I’m claiming that it counts because I DID get up at 6 am and I DID watch the sunrise and I could totally see, and hear, Haeundae beach the whole time. From my house, where it is warm (and I can have my PJ’s on).

Also, as soon as it became a reasonable time of day my dad and I ventured out into the wild in order to check out the beach. It was a bit windy, and there were lots of people around many of whom were feeding the beach seagulls and posing with horse statues.
The stages were being put away. There impressive kites flying and a man was making a sand horse which was getting a cuddle. For no reason I understand the whole beach has a horse motif at the moment.

Consulting the internet: It’s the year of the horse next, maybe that explains something?

Then I went for a long walk for 7 hours, but that’s okay because I bought a fried cake and only got some of it on my coat. I also only burned myself once with molten sugar. That’s good for me.