Zoolung Zoolung

Zoolung Zoolung is a cute mini zoo/petting zoo located on the 12th floor of NC Mall in Jangsan (Busan). Hey, that was good; I found directions for a change. Their website is mostly in Korean so I’m a little proud of myself. Also, when I am visiting my dad I just go to the places they pick out for me and have no real idea where I am so the address news to me too. Their website is: http://www.zoolungzoolung.com/main/index.html
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This place is really cool, there is upbeat music playing, everything is really open and some of the animals seem to pretty much have free reign. Others, like the racoons are in smallish pens but they are clean and nice and, again, I’m pretty sure they could get out if they wanted.
You pay about 12k won to get in (for adults) and you get about 2 hours in there. At the door you get some little bags of birdseed, containing three little and one big type of food. You go through, ooing and ahhing at the assembled collection of the cutest animals in existence, well the cutest ones that couldn’t easily eat a child if they wanted.
South korea 247 (2) You can pet them. Either just scoop up some, like the hammies and chicks, or a zookeeper type will help you. I needed help with the hedgehogs (I have a long running internal battle with hedgehogs; don’t want to talk about it.) The bunnies were too quick for me, so handlers are good for that bit too. The zoo seems to have its own adorable small dog now too; it’s a fluffy white one.
South korea 319 (2) Then you get to go into the aviaries, the first one has tiny cute birds. You know the ones, the ones with the beak and those feather things, you’ve seen them before. The second one is full of budgies. Also there is a lizard in it. When you’re in there you open up one of the tiny bags of small seed and the birds all land on you and eat them, because they are that cute. Finally you go into the toucan house and they are awesome. They are actually pretty big and the beaks seem enormous but they eat so carefully, they are kind of delicate eaters and their beaks make a cute clicky noise.
South korea 297 (2) Now you’ve probably guessed that I’m mentally about 5, and yea, this place is mostly for kids. Mostly. You should go though, yea you (middle aged man travelling alone), because: fluffy. Oh, also they have a scorpion and a tarantula so you can just play up that angle. Like: ‘Oh, so on my break today I hung out with scorpions, I’m like that. A rebel me.’ *manly flex* *girls swoon* job done.
South korea 334 (2) My favourite squishes were the little chicks, I saw some people pick one or two up and as soon as they out their hand down the chicks ran back to the chick pile. So I tried it and I put my hand back down on the sawdust and my chick just sat there. That was a little awkward because I was then imprisoned forever. A little while later some other chicks came to join it and then there was a mini-chick pile on my hand. So I was even more imprisoned forever. After about 5 minutes I tried wiggling my hand slightly and all the chicks besides chick one (who was now sleeping) ran back to the others. I watched chick one for a few moments and then tried carefully putting him on the sawdust. Then he ran back to the chick pile and I was free. South korea 262 (2) I also liked how the first hedgehog I tried touching had a sneezing fit, and then when I tried patting the one next to it the second prickly-pig sneezed too. Then the zoo guy turned up and scooped one up for me. South korea 264 (2) If you’re in Busan I recommend visiting this place, even if you don’t like zoos and animal related things because of that ethical doubt stuff. This place had a really nice atmosphere and the animals all seemed happy and confident around people. I usually have a lot of reservations about things like this but I can’t really find anything to worry about here. It was kind of awesome.

Here is another blog featuring the subject, with more details: http://daffyhops.blogspot.kr/2013/10/day-52-zoolung-zoolung-part-1.html Yes, I poached the directions from there, cos I’m a rebel too. *roguish sunglasses pose*