The complete cat care package

I just got back from Busan late last night after a (for some reason) 2 day long journey. After which, I was reunited with my cat. Ebony has been skilfully looked after by my neighbours and a little girl they know. As a new cat owner, I had prepared for the reunion by watching you-tube ‘cat reunited with owner after [time]’ videos.

In summary: Owner returns joyously. Cat looks at them disinterestedly and continues lying on the couch.

I have some pretty interesting rejection issues thanks to [insert childhood neglect story here]. So I was ready to turn up looking equally nonchalant before burying my sadness in either pickles or onions (that’s all I had in the house).

I was surprised by how happy Ebony was to see me in the end. She was like: Oh, is that you? *head-butts repeatedly with face* followed by *attacks feet every time I head in the direction of the front door*. Which I assume means she is working through her feelings.

I tried to deflect her killyness using the new cat toys I got her. I got bored of that before she did and my ankles paid the price. She was then exceedingly cute for the rest of the night and spent some of it cuddling up to various parts of me. She even randomly licked my face, like a common house dog (mind you she then tried to sleep on said face, redeeming herself). It was so flipping adorable.
SONY DSC For my part I did not recognise her right away. Before I left she looked so scruffy that I refused to leave her with the neighbours without gussying her up. The only way I could think to do that was to rub some coconut oil on her fur (harmless and moisturising). Unfortunately, since I was in a rush I used too much and she ended up annoyed and sporting a rather ‘naughty’s’ tousled look. I also put some in her ears as she had been having trouble with ear mites and apparently nobody sells medicine for that here (coconut oil is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and generally good for skin so I figured it couldn’t hurt). She took that well.

Now all of a sudden, she is glossy and dark, her ears and cheeks look better and she is not scratching them like before. I asked my neighbours if they had done something to her fur and they said no. As a result I can only conclude that an excellent spa style cat treatment is to just coat one in coconut oil and abandon it for a month. Who knew?