About This

My name is Michaela, I was born in England but I suppose I was raised expatriate, grew up mostly in Malawi and Brunei but I was was fortunate to spend time in many countries besides. I actually lived in England when I was very young, but I don’t really remember much. When I was 15 I returned to England and did not know what to make of it. It is a strange feeling to not really be from the place you were born, culture shock doesn’t quite cover it.

In my 23rd year I graduated from university with a BA in Fine Art, immediately swore off art for 1 year, got married and returned to Expat life. All of those things are swell but I am probably happiest about the last thing (sorry husband).

My life goals are to: Become a big shot artist, become a millionaire through the cunning use of businesses and property, Travel allot, Write my short (usually political/dystopia) stories and maybe a novel – despite a chronic inability to spell, and have lots of fun with my husband, family and good friends. Also I want a puppy.

I have many ‘flaws’ including: Being an introvert. a short attention span. A tendency to melancholy (love that word) selfishness, moodiness and self criticism. Disregard for; authority, social conformity and materialism, absolute stubbornness. Occasional mild (depends who you ask) insanity and paranoia. I’m not wild about cats either, I think they only tolerate us because we are too big for them to eat. I sometimes use the word spiffing in normal conversation.

In spite of that I do make and keep good friends, which counts for allot I think. Naturally, as I have to keep myself positive and focused I watch/read allot of stuff about positivity and spirituality. I am not religious and don’t care if anything I read is ‘true’ or not, I only care if it works -which it does for me. Inaccurate science bothers me though, I would like if the spirituality genre could give sources when it makes claims, though I often check them anyway.

This Blog is about my life now, so this vague and long-winded nonsense might explain some things.