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Of protesters and fishI go fishing with a Cambodian family on protest day.
Exploring CambodiaMy first explore.
Oh visa gods, hear our prayerhow to deal with an Embassy.
First impressions of CambodiaThoughts from the plane.
Heading to CambodiaWhy my paperwork and I are going to Cambodia.


Censorship news and bloggers-A charming little rant about the general media.
Women and free love, is it just for sluts?A charming little rant about sexual prejudice.
What is RacismMusings on racism. England is my default category for thinking.

Gibraltar (British overseas territory):

Husband post: GibraltarMy husbands adventure in Gibraltar.


‘The holy man’ set in IndiaAn excerpt from what will be my novel
ElephantMy elephant, I love him so much.
Uncredible India -A little summary of my time in India.

The Holy Man:

‘The holy man’ set in IndiaExplanation and excerpt of novel.
The holy man, Chapter 1Chapter 1, for feedback.


Weekly Photo Challenge: SeaShots of Koh Samui’s coast.
Thailand Rules and Etiquette A good starting point learning how to behave in Thailand
Danger and DoomA general travel safety post (with examples in Koh Samui and Nha Trang).
Bophut Fisherman’s village: The Epic market editionA daring tale of adventure on market day.
Bophut Fisherman’s villageExploring the charms of the Fisherman’s village.
Weekly Photo Challenge: one shot two ways Colourful still life photo’s in Thailand
Thailand ArrivalFlight’s and first day in Thailand, Featuring airplane hallucinations.

The Phillipines:

We all live in a…Riding the only private submarine in the Philippines
Faith and pretty candlesMeeting the miraculous mama Mary in a very catholic country.
Swimming with Whale sharks: who knew?Possibly the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. Check it out.
Lapu-lapu and Lapu-Lapu in Lapu-LapuIn which we meet all the Lapu-Lapu’s at once.
Weekly photo challenge: FreshWe roll with the starfish.
Ghost trouble in CebuAnd they would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those meddling amateur exorcists.
Philippines Arrival Tales of my dad…And his…Dadness. *sigh*


Been there, flew the planeOn finding out I had been to a country before as well as been a pilot.


Hanoi travel tip-How to cross the roadRe-blogged road safety awesomeness.
Danger and Doom Previously described. Now featuring Rihanna (lies)
Weekly Photo Challenge: CarefreeTourists and Vietnamese people chillaxing.
The Nha Trang Sea FestivalI attempt to describe an awesome festival, that almost entirely went over my head.
Same same but different Some very fun things, that can be done with little pre-planning.
Reading as a jobWhat to read when your occupations are limited
Less damp funWhat to do when it rains (so much rain).
Rain, rain and rainForrest Gump said it best. It actually mostly rained at night, mostly.
Nha Trang foodHave fun tracking these places/things down. Muahhaha!
Beach TreatsApparently, some visitors struggle to find things to do in Nha Trang. I pity the fools.