Happy place

A list of things I like, and wish to share:

Anime List:

• Shiki
Non-veggie vampires descend on a small town and eat it.

• Deadman Wonderland
Death row prisoners with magic stay in the kind of demented prison I would come up with, if I were only slightly more evil.

• Elfen Lied
Freaky horned girls kill a bunch of people and make new friends.

• Gensomayden saiyuki
Four guys journey to the west (for a really, really long time)

• Ayashi no Ceres
Girl realises she is an angel. Gets knocked up.

• Shinsekai yori
Kids with psychic powers realise everyone they know is a wack-job.

• Junjo Romantica
Really romantic man-love. Quite a lot of man love actually.


• Million Dollar Hotel
murder mystery where everyone is some sorta freak

• The secret garden
A charming tale of overcoming gross child neglect. By the way, at the start of this everyone Mary knows and loves dies, this is never mentioned again.

• The labyrinth
David Bowie wants to get with an unlikable protagonist. In a maze (it is not actually a labyrinth as apparently those are symmetrical)

• Gattaca
GM humans rule society. This one guy is normal.

• Equlibrium
Emotions and puppies are forbidden. Sean Bean dies again.

• Stage Beauty
The drama llama rears its ugly head when male pretty actors get replaced…With real women.

• My fair lady
Audrey Hepburn learns to talk good. The movie features many fine hats.


• Jane Eyre
It’s my favourite okay. It is also the only classic novel I know of where the male lead cross-dresses at some point.

• Withering Heights
Three generations of cousins marry each other and nearly everyone dies.

• Green monkey dreams
A book of interlinked Short stories. I liked it so much I stole it from a library. I am a bad person.

• Game of thrones
Do it.

• Hunger games
Do it real good.

• Terry Pratchett
All of him. He has a hat.


• All the final fantasy’s up to X
X-2 is ok, kind of cute and XII has pretty fun battles. Just stop after that. Just. Stop.

• Noctourne
Guy who hates undead kills them allot.

• Biosis
I think that game was real. I don’t know what was going on, except you ate plants and after a while they ate you. I really need to understand it. I’m kind of obsessed.

• Vagrant Story
By the dude who did the best final fantasies. You play a guy with a girl’s name who kills things.

• Frogger
Strongly recommended if you ever want to cross a road in south-east Asia.

• Plants versus zombies
Doopie Doopie Doopie, Doopie, Do.

You-tube Video’s:

• Llama’s with Hats
The really well scripted adventures of the worlds most sinister llama’s

• Convo’s with my two year old
A man reenacts conversations with daughter. His infant child is played by his fully grown male friend.

• Confessions of a Disney employee
SWooZie’s stories’s are generally really good but I particularly love his antics at Disney

• A parody. In the face.
I’m a little Biased here as this is my sister’s channel. See: mimikchan (that’s her superhero name). She’s good.

• Dick Figures
Red and blue are best friends, who knows why, they do adventures.