Little Dreams

I am a person for whom dreams and goals are very important. Think of me as a Sim. I have my lifetime wish, My big dreams and then all the other ones. The little wishes that make life better.

• Learn to ride a horse
• Visit Machu picchu
• Oktoberfest
• Eat the fruit of a cocoa pod
• have a solo art exhibition
• Be in a group exhibition
• Have my own studio space
• Make a collection of work I am proud of
• Throw a Christmas party
• Get a puppy, when I can give it a good home
• Listen to jazz and blues in New Orleans
• Get really good at drawing people
• Make friends with a ladyboy
• Meet a shaman
• Have my fortune told
• Eat puffin
• Eat a still moving octopus
• Try some Greenland shark
• Eat guinea pig
• Eat a selection of bugs from a bug market
See Angkor Wat
• Get a HUGE henna tattoo
Go to a wedding in India
Learn to make sushi
• Learn to book
• Write a book
• Write a book of short stories
• Attend a mediation retreat
• Stay at an ashram
• Buy a house
• Learn to dive
• Learn to drive a vehicle
Go somewhere that is not on a map
• Go to Amsterdam
• Have my own garden
• Grow bonsai
• Keep orchids alive
• Have three goldfish named Persephone, Narcissus and Echo
• Get something published in a magazine
• Start a charity
• Learn to surf
• Start a business
• Go to Victoria falls
• Go to Angel falls
• Learn to play an instrument
• Learn another language
• Get real good at printmaking
• See a colour I have never seen before
• Celebrate the day of the dead
• Attend Holi festival (properly)
• Write articulately about a classic novel
• Cycle across a country
• Learn a martial art
• Win an archery competition
• Go in a shark cage and see great whites
• Swim with dolphins
• Milk a snake
• Milk an udder-ed animal
• Go on a protest
• Go back to Malawi
• See a ghost
• Catch and release a big fish
• Ride on the amazon river
• Successfully be vegetarian for a week (I thought I managed that once but it turns out bacon is not a vegetable)
• Vegan for a week
• Learn yoga
Use a potter’s wheel
• Visit an ice bar
• See the northern lights
• Eat reindeer
• Eat cloudberries
• Go to the festival of Venice