A different sort of Travel

So for years I have put a fair amount of effort into learning how to astral project. I would have thought it would have been easy for me since most, if not all,… Continue reading

RFA Home Life

Hi Peeps, I have mentioned before that my husband works for the RFA (that’s like the navy, but it’s full of civilians) and for a change I wanted to have a talk about… Continue reading

Weekly photo Challenge: Unexpected

Been a while since my last post. Please accept this post as a token of my [insert required emotion here]. These are a collection of things that Unexpectedly made me happy, frightened, confused… Continue reading

Weekly photo challenge: Eerie

I have been wondering for a while about what to do with these shots. I took a whole bunch one night in the Masham cemetery (Masham, North Yorkshire, where my husband is from)… Continue reading

Halloween Wibbles

Gotta love Halloween, it’s the day when we honour the dead by dressing up like them in mockery and watching movies where they kill people. It has scary things, costumes, and candy that’s… Continue reading

Cat Karma

Anyone browsing my ‘about me’ page will probably notice that I have expressed my desire for a puppy and my mistrust of cats. In spite of this I have adopted a cat because…well… Continue reading

Angkor Wat photographs: part 2

This part features the following temples: Banteay Srei- Orange with water and stone monkey-looking-statues. Pre Rup- Orange also and on the way to Banteay Srei, this one has particularly interesting vendors…be careful not… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: The hue of you

Morticia Adams: [confronting Debbie in her house] You have gone too far. You have married Fester, you have destroyed his spirit, you have taken him from us. All that I could forgive. But… Continue reading

Angkor Wat Photographs: Part 1

Now that my internet drought has ended I can sort through my post backlog. It’s pretty hard to justify spending hours in a café to steal their interweb, so I had been using… Continue reading

The Choeung Ek killing fields

At the Choeung Ek Killing fields Richard and I got two entry passes and one audio to share (because money). I strongly recommend that anyone who goes to this place gets the audio… Continue reading