Kitty Amazing

At the start of this month I returned to Thailand and got a place in the Bophut area, I am now the proud-liver-inner of a cute blue house. However, because I neglected to… Continue reading

Ta Prohm A.k.a. Tomb Raider Temple

I will be up loading a Selection of pictures from my trip to Angkor Wat (the largest temple complex in the world) soon, I think that that is probably the best way to… Continue reading

Khmer Pottery Class

After a long bus journey from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap we spent the night at our first hotel, a very basic room with cold running water and what sounded like one large… Continue reading

Weekly photo Challenge: From lines to patterns

I felt like being difficult this week and challenging myself to find lines and patterns in a place with no electric lights, metal or glass and which is made of crooked lines. Worked… Continue reading

The horrors of Toul Sleng

I have been putting off writing about Toul Sleng genocide museum because I know I can’t possibly convey the atrocities that happened there. I can’t even imagine them even though I try. It’s… Continue reading

Phnom Penh Riverside

I ventured out into Phnom Penh a few times, but only twice with my camera. My favourite place to go turned out to be the riverfront (Say riverside if you want a tuk-tuk… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Today I’m showing you some photo’s from the ‘inside’. The rooms and wired off corridors of what used to be the infamous Toul Sleng Prison. Now the Toul Sleng genocide museum. Of the… Continue reading

The holy man, chapter 1

I don’t know where I come from, who I am, or my name. I don’t suppose it matters, nobody ever asks. Wherever I go I seem to draw out the gawping flocks. I… Continue reading

Husband post: Gibraltar

One of the perks of my Husbands job is that when he is working he gets the odd day off in a foreign port. Here is what he got up to in Gibraltar:… Continue reading

Of protesters and Fish

Yesterday the city of Phnom Penh was home to protests centred around the election results. The papers had been warning for a while that this was going to happen and various consulates had… Continue reading