Exploring Cambodia

As much as I like being independent when my husband is not around I am actually quite pleased when he comes back. I suppose that’s a good thing. The downside to me finding… Continue reading

Oh visa gods, hear our prayer.

Like all sensible people, before approaching an embassy I take reasonable steps to ensure success. I like to visit the shrine of the gods of bureaucracy and leave on offering of coffee and… Continue reading

First impressions of Cambodia

I got my first impressions of Cambodia on the plane; I think that the view from above really does give a pretty good sense of a place. For example: Bangkok is ordered but… Continue reading

Been there, flew the plane

I have mentioned before that when I started travelling by myself I set out to find places I had not been to before to see as an adult. I did not want my… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Some photographs from my first proper motorbike tour around Koh Samui’s coastal scenery, including Lamai Beach. That little fish was completely dried by the sun when I found it. Luckily, it was rushed… Continue reading

What is racism?

What is racism? That Martin Luther King Jr. got me thinking. I suspect my views are a little bit different to most because I generally grew up as part of minority groups, and… Continue reading

Heading to Cambodia

Today I finally got my paperwork! Oh joy of joys, the wonder of bureaucracy. I am genuinely thrilled. Maybe office officials only make people wait a really long time for paperwork so that… Continue reading

The Big Buddha

Despite the fact that I am still waiting for paperwork (an apparently all-consuming task) I decided to do some sightseeing today. I went off to have a look at the big Buddha. This… Continue reading

Women and ‘free love’, is it just for sluts?

So, what I am going to ask is this: why is it still not okay for women to enjoy sex today? are there deeper reasons? And what can be done about it? This… Continue reading

Thailand Rules and Etiquette

Thailand is a pretty laid back place but it has a few unwritten and written rules that are good to know: Let’s first cover the major ones, those that could get you arrested,… Continue reading