Hanoi travel tip – how to cross the road!

Originally posted on Buffalo Tours Travel Blog:
Hanoi’s manic roads are almost as famous as its street food and French architecture. In this “how to guide” blog post, we will be looking at…

Danger and doom!

I am, obviously, a lady who travels alone. I have read so many times that women who travel by themselves need to be especially careful and take extra precautions. I have analysed this… Continue reading

Everything in life is procrastination

I left it until the end of the day to do something that I have not done for over 12 years. If that’s not procrastination I don’t know what is. The last self-portrait… Continue reading

Bophut Fisherman’s Village: The epic market edition!

Bophut Fisherman’s Village: The market edition! *epic swooshing noises* Like a true explorer I emerged from my room, bleary-eyed after a little nap. ‘What-Ho!’, I said (I talk like that when no one… Continue reading

Censorship, news and bloggers.

It is probably possible to tell from the Frequency of my posts lately that I have not been living up to my high blogging expectations and have cruelly neglected my rabid audience. Feel… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

Hooray, I knew my habit of photographing groups of happy people would come in handy one day. These are all of various party-goers and chillaxing people in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

Bophut Fisherman’s village

Bophut fisherman’s Village is located on the north of Koh Samui. It is easy to spot because it has a large sign across the main road/entrance that reads ‘Fisherman’s Village’, these little hints… Continue reading

Weekly photo challenge: one shot, two ways

This week I have been exploring the Koh Samui. I have picked out some pictures with a slightly peaceful vibe to them. I hope you like them.

Thailand Arrival

With all the fussing I was doing about getting to Thailand, I have completely neglected to mention that I was coming here. Although my original plan was to go back to Vietnam after… Continue reading

We all live in a…

Yellow Submarine! it goes underwater like *meep meep meep meep meep* Yea, that’s pretty much the gist of the whole thing, we saw come pretty fan corals, starfish and fish. There is only… Continue reading