The Nha Trang Sea Festival

Although I was the biggest event going on in Nha Trang while I was there I have been a little reluctant to write about the sea festival. The festival is basically a huge… Continue reading

‘The holy Man’ set in India

About a week or so ago I got the idea for a short story about a holy man with no name or identity on a tortured quest to literally find himself. Unusually, for… Continue reading

Faith and pretty candles

I have given it quite allot of thought and as I am totally uncomfortable speaking about religion and religious belief, especially as I am not particularly inclined towards it, I will just say… Continue reading

Swimming with Whale Sharks: Who knew?

On the 22nd of July my family and I set off early in a rented van to a place called Oslob, on the way there we stopped at a large church with a… Continue reading

Lapu-lapu and lapu-lapu in lapu-lapu

I am presently in an area called Lapu-Lapu, this is named after both a type of fish and a local hero, a man who both repelled Spanish invaders and killed Magellan. Yesterday my… Continue reading

weekly photo challenge: Fresh

It doesn’t hurt to listen to omens, yesterday I dreamt about a killer fish in shallow water but today my dream involved finding lots of treasure on the beach. My younger sisters and… Continue reading

Ghost Trouble in Cebu

Although I cannot say that my previous visits to the Philippines have been entirely ghost free, on this trip strange and unusual things had begun to happen. At first there were strange knocks… Continue reading


I have finally got my Elephant (posted to my father-in-laws house). I love him, He’s made of ladies.

Philippines Arrival

I arrived in Cebu at stupid o’clock in the morning, having taken a train from Nha Trang to Saigon and two flights, Saigon to Manila and Manila to Cebu. I was very tired… Continue reading

Reading as a job?

So, although I am in Vietnam and am moving to Vietnam, I do not live in Vietnam? I am leaving tomorrow and coming back in August when I can look to get an… Continue reading